At i-Wonder we connect businesses with insurance products to offer, to comparison sites that need a strong and growing panel. Our subregator solutions are trusted by Compare the Market, GoCompare, Money Supermarket, and Confused to provide fast reliable connections for some of the UK’s largest brokers in private motor, commercial vehicle, motorbike, and household insurance, as well as a host of other business classes that we offer as either ‘white labels’, or via our own brands, the Insurance Cloud, and the Trade Cloud.


With major comparison sites sometimes offering extended wait times for new partners, you can find yourself in a queue waiting for a development slot which can feel like an eternity. i-Wonder offers a connectivity solution to all the major price comparison sites which bypasses the standard build time.  We don’t make the business case, but by using our existing connection points we’re able to reduce the workload for a new build from weeks down to a few days once you have the ‘go-ahead’.  Our subregator integrates with your existing back-office solution, even if that’s a bespoke system which typically means you have to wait even longer for development slot. So if you’re considering placing products on any comparison site for any business class, it would be a good idea to have a conversation with us first.

Connections with all the major comparison sites

Capable of supporting any business class, personal or SME commercial

Low integration costs

Short lead times


Legacy Systems

Our Subregator service can fill the technology gap between legacy systems and price comparison websites.

New Software Providers

The Subregator uses an existing integration with the PCWs, removing the need to integrate with PCWs directly.

Bespoke Systems

The Subregator is universal and scalable to any size of business.


Our Subregator offers insurance price comparison connectivity between policy admin systems and all major price comparison websites.

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