As with all the i-Wonder product range, each part of the solution will stand alone, or work fully integrated with some or all of our solutions. Our latest product is a ‘Quote & Buy’ solution that extends the capability of our Broker Portal, whilst leveraging a high degree of component commonality. This cuts dedicated maintenance to a minimum without any functionality compromise. The rationale behind the Quote and Buy solution is to provide enabling software that can support both in-house and comparison site routes to market where perhaps no viable means to do so currently exists. We want to do this so that brokers with great products can break into aggregator trading at low risk, potentially empowering us and our partners to disrupt previously inaccessible markets and facilitate greater competition. In effect the Quote and Buy solution ‘closes the loop’ in our product range so that we are playing with a full deck whatever the challenge.

Provides a full quote and buy solution for any business class, personal or SME commercial.

Integration with any payment provider

No limit to the number of schemes and rates supported per business class

Full ‘quote history’ available to any authorised user

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any class of business that can be defined as ‘rules and tables’ can be made available on the Quote & Buy solution.

The Quote & Buy solution is cloud deployed, so no specific infrastructure is required.

Each client has a ‘test’ and a ‘live’ version of the solution.  New rates and other changes are deployed in test until you sign them off for live.

You can have as many business classes as you like on i-Wonder’s Quote & Buy solution.

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