As with all the i-Wonder product range, each part of the solution will stand alone, or work fully integrated with some or all of our solutions. Our unique broker portal software provides a toolset and component driven application designed to provide a quote solution for any business class, personal or commercial. It has been integrated with most of the industry’s back office providers through their standard connection pathways, and it is a straightforward task to do so with bespoke solutions if required. 


By eliminating the need to re-key data our broker Broker Quote Portal reduces the time it takes to generate a new quote for products for any business class. It works like a comparison website, compiling your rates from your back office and insurer extranet sites into a single outcome page. All operators can store and retrieve quotes, and view the quote history, so if you’re spending too much time handling quote volumes and re-keying data, our Broker Quote Portal could just be the answer. And we also offer a change management system, so that functionality, MI, or data capture changes can be turned around quickly and easily.

Combines back office and insurer extranet quotations in one summary screen

Suitable for any business class that is ‘rules and tables’ based.

Handshakes  risk data to clients back office solution for policy life cycle management

Quickly add new schemes as your panel grows or changes


For Brokers

Our Quote Portal could save you time and money by eliminating the need to re-key data. We’re helping brokers by connecting our portal to their preferred insurer extranet sites and back office systems.

Increase Productivity

Maximise Opportunities

Improve Conversion Rates

For Insurers and Broker Networks

Where multiple systems are in use, the Quote Portal allows for a single point of entry for users to obtain rates across multiple platforms, both internal and external.

Better User Experience

Faster quote times

Improve Productivity

How it works


Streamline Processes

Say goodbye to complex processes and get more from your existing technology. The Quote Portal integrates with all major UK software houses, insurer extranets and other rate sources.                                               

Improve Productivity

Spend less time collecting quotes from multiple systems. Allowing staff to focus time on adding value to your business, resulting in improved motivation levels.                                                                                                                       

Win New Business

With multiple quotes returned in record time, customers can be kept on the phone to purchase immediately. Greater quote volumes with higher conversion rates leads to a significant increase in Gross Written Premium.

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