About Us

About Us

We Help Keep The Wheels Of Commerce Turning

We are a leading player across a wide range of comparison site products and services. Whilst most of what we do is behind the scenes, we also offer personal lines and SME Commercial business classes direct to the public. So we are a technology company, writing software for a wide range of comparison site and insurance front-end requirements. We are also a company providing turnkey comparison site related management services to brokers, insurers, and all major comparison site businesses. And we pioneer new comparison site business classes in our own right, via the Insurance Cloud and Trade Cloud. Read on for the full story.


Years of experience and technical


Separate successful integration projects


Separate comparison site business classes supported


Different insurers on i-Wonder panels

Our senior team have been in the insurance comparison site business since day one, and have evolved with the industry, staying at the forefront of new developments and adopting new technology options on a rolling basis. Founded in 2008 by Ray Vincent and Steve Young, the business has grown into a major player in turnkey niche comparison site development and support, as well as a major player in volume personal lines ‘subregation’, which provides the bridge between the panel and the comparison site. Our most recent products include a completely re-written Broker Portal, launched in 2024, and an all new Quote and Buy solution. 


Our head office is in Micheldever, just outside Winchester, in the United Kingdom. We also have a facility in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where there are three development ‘scrums’ working in an agile environment. There is also a QA function and panel onboarding support team. The two time zone approach gives as a good support window of about 14 hours a day, with a two hour overlap window in the afternoon for face to face liaison with the UK.

The Team

The UK office is home to our senior management team, as well as our customer services, panel support, operations, technical direction, and infrastructure teams.  Even before i-Wonder’s establishment in 2008, our senior team were involved from the very start of comparison site technology in the late 1990’s, and have been involved ever since. Whilst this could give us a ‘we’ve seen it all before’ attitude, we haven’t so it doesn’t! We think it gives us greater insight and an informed focus on the direction of travel for us and our clients, and a bit of an appetite to do even more.  

Our Solutions

All of our solutions are powered by common components and code that means we are always confident about scalability, and we face little or no bespoke development, passing these savings on to the client in the form of lower implementation fees. Change programs are catered for at component level, simplifying QA, release and configuration management, and lowering the change management risks. This is intended to make our lives, and yours, as stress free as possible!

Having made our mark in personal lines, we intend to continue our progress by widening our vision to include SME commercial. These products are also ‘rules and tables’ driven. We can see real opportunities to empower brokers with great products and services to compete on a level playing field, bringing true choice and competitive pricing to the consumer. We have started with taxi and fast food, and we will introduce new business classes as we continue our journey.  Many SME commercial products will ‘stand-alone’ as viable comparison site products, so we’ll keep doing that until we’ve joined up all the dots. 

So that’s whistle-stop tour of i-Wonder. If any of the above piques your interest, we’d love to hear from you. Together we’re all a bit stronger!

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