i-Wonder builds and maintains price comparison websites for household name brands. We provide a complete service which includes full management of the insurer panel

White Label

Sites are mirrored to match your corporate brand guidelines. All fonts, colours, backgrounds and logos are completely customiseable

Any Product

Leverage one of our existing products or we’ll tailor a solution to your needs. Our technology allows almost any product to be aggregated

Seamless UX

Fully responsive websites as standard. We use the latest web technologies to ensure a great user experience, with maximum conversions

Panel Management

We provide the prospecting, signing, billing and performance management of the panel. Plus we only work with trusted insurers

Your Data

Your data is safe and secure, stored in Microsoft Azure. We comply with all necessary privacy regulations including the new GDPR

Performance MI

We work with our clients and partners to produce meaningful reports. Our collaborative approach to MI leads to improved conversion rates

The Process

How we set up a new price comparison website

Step 1 – Engage

We specialise in providing bespoke price comparison websites for insurance products. We are always keen to talk about new ventures and the replacement of existing suppliers. If you’re looking to expand into new markets, target a wider set of customers or better meet the demands of your customers, then we’d love to hear from you!

Step 2 – Design

The next stage is to define your product requirements. We have a range of existing products which we can offer out of the box, or we can custom build new products based on your journey preferences.

Step 3 – Panel

The best price comparison sites only succeed with a competitive panel. All our panel members are put through a strict due diligence process before joining. We also actively seek and recruit new panel members to promote healthy competition and ensure the best possible customer experience.

Step 4 – Launch

Once the site is live, we continuously improve the journey monitoring customer drop-off rates and hot spots. We provide ongoing assistance to panel members to help them improve their quotability and conversion rates.