i-Wonder builds and maintains price comparison websites for some of the biggest names in the insurance industry. Have one of our existing products branded and deployed in days, or commission a brand new product to meet your exact needs

White Label

Sites are mirrored to match your corporate brand guidelines. All fonts, colours, backgrounds and logos are completely customisable

Any Product

Leverage one of our existing products or we’ll tailor a solution to your needs. Our technology allows almost any product to be aggregated

Seamless UX

Fully responsive websites as standard. We use the latest web technologies to ensure a great user experience, with maximum conversions

Panel Management

We provide the prospecting, signing, billing and performance management of the panel. Plus we only work with trusted insurers

Your Data

It’s your data, not ours, so you decide when you access it and how it can be used. Your data is safe and secure, stored in Microsoft Azure. We comply with all necessary GDPR requirements

Performance MI

We work with our clients and partners to produce meaningful reports. Our collaborative approach to MI leads to improved conversion rates

The Process

How we set up a new price comparison website

Step 1 – Plan

Who are you going to target, what products are you going to offer and how are you going to drive visitors to your site? Finally, when they are there why should they buy? If launching new comparison sites were easy then everyone would be doing it!

Step 2 – Engage

Reach out to us and share your business plan. We’ll help you to judge the feasibility and potential of the plan based on visitor forecasts and marketing budgets. Our experience tells us that you’ll either need a well established brand, or a substantial marketing budget in order to succeed.

Step 3 – Launch

Next we’ll agree a delivery schedule and brand the site according to your guidelines. We’ll also start the work behind-the-scenes to ensure our panel partners are prepared. Once everything is ready, it’s time to launch!

Step 4 – Progress

Once the site is put live the hard work really begins! It’s about putting your business plan into action and ensuring that customers visit your new site/app and then go on to buy. We’ll take care of everything else, including continual improvements to the quote journey, adding additional insurers to the panel and closely monitoring their performance.