Aggregator Integration

The Subregator reduces onboarding times and helps you to get your products on price comparison websites sooner. With real-time data available to monitor performance and flexible filters¬†it’s no wonder why some of the biggest names in the industry decide to use our services

Overcome your technology barriers

Legacy Systems

Our Subregator service can fill the technology gap between legacy systems and price comparison websites

New Software Providers

The Subregator uses an existing integration with the PCWs, removing the need to integrate with PCWs directly

Bespoke Systems

The Subregator is universal and scalable to any size of business



Our modern technological architecture makes the solution completely scalable to any size of business

Multiple Products

Maximise your exposure on all major UK price comparison websites for multiple products including car, home, van and motorcycle


Work with a team with technology, expertise and relationships to enable you to achieve your business goals


Comparison Website Integrations

Our Subregator offers insurance price comparison connectivity between policy admin systems and all major price comparison websites