New Managing Director and other appointments

Alex Williams

Alex Williams has been appointed Managing Director of insurance aggregation specialist i-Wonder with effect July 23rd. 

Since joining as Sales Director in July 2018 Alex has increasingly taken responsibility for other areas of the business. In his new role, Alex will be given more opportunity to directly influence and manage the company’s evolution, whilst continuing to report to Ray Vincent, CEO.

Ray said, “I have worked with Alex for a number of years now both in i-Wonder and in earlier ventures. He has always been invaluable in day to day operations beyond sales and this appointment recognises his contribution.”

Alex said, “I feel very privileged to have been given this opportunity. We’ve spent the last two years fine tuning every aspect of the business and I believe we now have an excellent foundation to fast track growth over the next few years.

“As the demand for insurance comparison continues to grow, the technical and structural preparations we have made puts us in an excellent position to quickly capitalise on new markets, whilst maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.”

At the same time, Mark Rogers, former Chief Technology Officer for i-Wonder, has taken up the new role of Chief Integration Officer.

As CIO, Mark will be responsible for the coordination of all interacting systems within the enterprise and its extended environments. This includes not only information systems but people, ideas and processes as well.

Mark said, ‘‘The number of i-Wonder products and in turn insurer partners has increased significantly over the past few years. To ensure the company continues on its current growth trajectory we have to focus on improving the efficiency and ease of integrating with multiple systems without jeopardising quality.”

Following Mark’s change of role, Jack Clark and Prageeth Sudusinghe become the senior figures in the development area, responsible for delivering the company’s vision through to deployable product.

The final significant change is the promotion of Danny Kingston to the new role of Infrastructure and Security Manager. In his previous role Danny had focused primarily on the implementation and support of the development environment and client related business infrastructure. However, with data security and compliance being intrinsically linked to the IT infrastructure itself, the decision has been made to combine the two roles.

Alex concludes, “We see working from home as being a trend that will outlast the Covid-19 pandemic, and it is already becoming the norm for i-Wonder day-to-day working. Many of the changes we have made to accommodate the pandemic are now intended to be permanent, and some of the role changes we have made reflect the importance we as a business place on getting this new environment more productive, more secure, and more cost effective.”