New comparison websites for Gap Insurance

Car in Hand

Insurance comparison technology specialist i-Wonder announces the launch of a new products for Gap insurance.

The new websites will allow customers to compare quotes and buy insurance online. i-Wonder has obtained the backing of one of the UK’s top four insurance comparison websites for launch and is working with a number of leading providers of Gap insurance.

Alex Williams, Sales Director, i-Wonder, said, “We believe the Car Gap insurance market is ripe for innovation. Currently many of these products are sold via car dealerships which can take large commissions. In my own personal experience I’ve found the market confusing and difficult to navigate from a customer perspective. We believe a single page highlighting the key differences in cover would prove hugely beneficial to customers.

“By harnessing the marketing power of the UK’s top price comparison websites we believe we can help customers get a fairer deal, and increase exposure for any reputable brokers and insurers who are looking to increase their market share in these products.

“We are working with one leading price comparison website at launch and we have hopes to roll the products out to more soon. The flexibility of our solutions allows us to launch multiple products via multiple aggregators with ease. We already support four products across four price comparison sites and work with over 25 panel members.

“We have a strong launch panel but are still keen to speak to any brokers or insurers which are active in the Car Gap insurance market.”