Mergers, acquisitions and insurance software headaches!

Merger Technology

Over the last few years the industry has seen more than its fair share of mergers and acquisitions. It seems that barely a day goes by without us learning about another agreement in the press.

Shareholders and business leaders are attracted by the promise of lower costs and economies of scale. And for technology, the long-term vision could be to combine operations and migrate to a single system. But merging technologies can be difficult, particularly when multiple systems are being used. In the meantime, you may be left relying on rates residing in more than one system. So how can you ensure instant efficiencies from the outset?

The i-Wonder Quote Portal is an enterprise web application which provides a single point of entry for new business and renewal quotes. It can obtain rates for any product, from any system and return them to a single price presentation page. It’s designed to work alongside multiple systems where rates reside in two or more places.

By presenting each quote to your full panel, you make sure that every customer gets the best possible deal. Increasing your competitiveness whilst fulfilling some of your compliance obligations.

The Quote Portal brings the scalability and robustness of our consumer price comparison websites to your back office. And the familiarity of the price comparison website format makes the software intuitive for any level of user.

If you’re looking for an easy way to get more from your software following an acquisition or merger then why not get in touch? We’ll work hard to understand your requirements and see if we can help. Contact us today or learn more.